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Under current management, ICM is officially shutting down on April 30. There is an effort underway to have it transferred to a new maintainer who will continue to host the service with little interruption to ICM users. However, this solution is still under development and we cannot guarantee the site will remain up at this time. New links have been provided on each game list so current users can download both the codes they have personally contributed to ICM and those they have used.
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UsedInvite CodeContributed ByDate AddedReport Invalid
1.  9007606350Anonymous02-04-15X
2.  1736264969Anonymous12-04-14X
3.  1622834957Anonymous11-09-14X
4.  1622834957Anonymous11-09-14X
5.  1522474953Anonymous10-23-14X
6.  1338804953Anonymous09-16-14X
7.  1259484942Anonymous09-02-14X
8.  9874565434Anonymous08-22-14X
9.  9614149609Anonymous08-03-14X
10.  9094250774Anonymous07-30-14X
11.  183838484Anonymous07-28-14X
12.  6024756903Anonymous07-25-14X
13.  9003634008Anonymous07-03-14X
14.  9003634008Anonymous07-03-14X
15.  7560049307Anonymous06-30-14X
16.  2109195718Anonymous06-26-14X
17.  5809195718Anonymous06-26-14X
18.  9195718Anonymous06-26-14X
19.  7074987849Anonymous06-26-14X
20.  7393711056Anonymous06-26-14X
21.  7393711056Anonymous06-26-14X
22.  7399151948Anonymous06-23-14X
23.  6711352173Anonymous06-18-14X
24.  6711352173Anonymous06-18-14X
25.  6711352173Anonymous06-18-14X
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